3 Tips on How to Prevent Fire Damage Disasters At Your Home

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Homeowners should always be prepared in case of a fire emergency in their residences. Fire can happen at any time and you never know it. This is especially if you frequently cook on your stove at home. Taking the prevention steps can reduce the house fire risk. The following are 3 tips on how to prevent fire damage.


1. Install Smoke Alarms

The basic fire safety step is to install smoke alarms throughout the house including bedrooms, living room, kitchen, stairway, and basement. Every now and then, you should press the button on your smoke alarms to test if it is working. If the beep sound is weak, you should replace the batteries. Smoke alarms should not be installed near a fan, or window as the wind can muffle the sound of the beep. The smoke alarm will alert the members of the household of the fire. When you hear a smoke alarm, you should first evacuate the house and then call 911.

2. Monitor Your Stove

The cooking stove is one of the main causes of fire in the house so you must always be mindful when cooking something on the stove. The stove should not be kept clear of anything that can catch fire such as a curtain. When cooking, you want to avoid wearing loose clothing and roll up your sleeve to prevent them from catching fire. Grease and electrical fires should not be put off with water. Instead, you should use a pan or baking sheet to cover the fire. Baking soda is also useful for putting out fires caused by grease and electricity. You are never to use oil or grease to put out a fire. In your kitchen, you can keep a fire extinguisher. A fire extinguisher is good for extinguishing small fires.

3. Store Flammable Products in a Safe Place

Flammable products like household detergents should be stored away from the heat source in a cool area. They can combust and start a fire when exposed to a heat source. If you are using candles, remember to always put out the fire before you exit the room or go to sleep. Candles should not be placed on uneven surfaces as they could easily tip over.

Electrical cords can also catch fire when getting too hot so don’t put them under the carpet. If the cord is frayed, it can cause electrocution so you should replace it. Around your fireplace, you will want to install a door to prevent the flames from jumping onto the flooring. When the fire is burning in the fireplace, make sure you are in the room. It can be dangerous to leave children or pets in a room where the fireplace is working. When throwing away ashes, remember to let them cool down first in a metal container.

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